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Clapham Youth Centre (CYC) has been participating in the Jack Petchey Foundation Award (JPFA) for a number of years.
Unlike our usual funding, the JPFA is a sum of money given over a period of one year to individual members aged between 11-25 years who make a special contribution to the club.
Award winners are selected from one of our sessions each term.  They are nominated either by leaders or their peers which makes the scheme more meaningful and personal foreach award nominee.
In the past year, we have had two award winnners;  one from our Seniors Section and one from our Boyz Group.  Each winner received £200 and chose what to spend the money on.  The nominee from Seniors decided get a new table tennis table for the club and the Boyz group winner used his £200 towards an outing to Thorpe Park for his fellow members.  Needless to say a great many members will benefit from the new table tennis table and the boys had such a good time at Thorpe Park that they want to repeat the experience again soon.
On 9 December our two award members attended the Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony at Wandsworth Civic Centre where they were presented with a boxed gold medallion on stage by athlete and special guest speaker Mark Richardson.  It was a very impressive evening with a great many awards going to youth clubs, schools and sports clubs in the South London area.

We look forward to working with the JPFA in the future and to more of our members being recognised for their unique contribution to our club



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