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This session runs on a Monday evening from 5 to 7 pm.  It is a popular session with a myriad of different activities taking place, many simultaneously during the course of the evening.  Aimed at those in primary school i.e. 5 – 10 year olds, the session is based on play and creative activities around a caring and learning environment where members are valued and encouraged to engage in the widest possible range of activities they can in the course of the session.

We have an arts and crafts teacher on hand to demonstrate and show members how to make and engage in a variety of practical skills giving them the opportunity to experience a vast range of media available in the Art area.  This can range from clay modelling to marbling; drawing and painting on paper, glass and other media which they can then take home at the end of the evening. Activities are different every week.

There is always a game of footie on the go in our covered, spacious yard so those who are sporty can let of steam.  On many occasions cookery is demonstrated and members are actively encouraged to get involved in the preparation and serving of healthy snacks and drinks  These are taken with the leaders and during this time issues of the day are discussed such as behaviour and bullying.

On a more relaxing side educational activities such as quizzes and crosswords and ‘fill in the blanks’ are run and enjoyed greatly by members.

The club has also got a big range of sports equipment for use indoors such as parachutes, giant connect 4, table tennis and table-top soccer.

At Christmas, members take part in a Showcase event which is a highlight of the Club year.  Singing, dancing and dressing up form part of the magical, fun-filled shows that are put on before the Christmas holidays in our large hall with its stage and theatrical lighting which adds to the buzz of the whole event.  At this time families and friends from all sessions are encouraged to come and view the amazing talents of the young people taking part.  This is also a time when presentations and certificates obtained by members are presented.

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