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The session is open to female and male members aged 11 upwards.

The session usually takes the form of general sports activities including table tennis, pool, basketball and competitions.  Simultaneously members  have the opportunity to learn to drive and study for the theory test using state of the art technology.

The driving school project has been running successfully for a number of years and has enabled members to take their theory and driving tests successfully. For some this has been a huge help in getting employment – some jobs specify that the applicant needs to be able to drive.  In fact one our members who has passed his driving test last year got a job as a driver.

Another aspect of this senior session is that leaders are available to assist members seeking courses, apprenticeships and employment.  Details of apprenticeships with the Prince’s Trust and other locally run courses are always on offer to members.  Help can be provided to members to prepare their CVs, job applications and references can be supplied to prospective employers.

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